Barramundi rods

The Venom range of rods includes some barramundi models

Most people use baitcaster (overhead) equipment to catch barramundi. Powerful light graphite rods capable of handling 10kg line are the norm. The rods are normally of average length so they can be easily handled in a boat, and can work as a casting and trolling rod.

With spinning reels, lighter line is usually employed to cast ultralight lures, so the rods are lighter, and often a little longer than those used with baitcasters.

Some of the Venom range from Pure Fishing that are suitable are …

1201373 V 700 COPPERHEAD SPIN, Braid 3-5kg, PE .6-1 TELE BUTT 1pc 2.13mt [7’ 0”]
1201374 V 700H BLACK MAMBA SPIN, Braid 4-7kg, PE .8-3 1pce 2.13mt [7’ 0”]
1201375 V702XH KING BROWN SPIN, Braid 5-10kg, PE 1-4, 1pce 2.13mt [7’ 0”]
1201379 V610TT SIDEWINDER BC, Braid 4-8kg, PE1-2 1pc 2.07mt [6’10”
1201380 V671TT DIAMONDBACK BC, Braid 6-10kg, PE2-5 1pc 1.99mt [6’7”]

Daiwa also make some nice rods, as do Shimano.

Here’s some suitable Daiwa models …

TMZ-G 70MFS “Slayer” Spin 1 7’0” Medium Fast ¼–½Oz 8–16Lb
TMZ-G 70MHFS “Extractor” Spin 1 7’0” Medium Heavy Fast ⅜–1Oz 10–20Lb
TMZ-G 631MMHFB “Jack Knife” Baitcaster 1 6’3” Medium Heavy Fast ¼–1Oz 8–20Lb
TMZ-G 681MHRB “Deep Plugger” Baitcaster 1 6’8” Medium Heavy Regular ¼–¾Oz 8–20Lb
TMZ-G 681MHRB “Deep Plugger” Baitcaster 1 7’0” Heavy Fast ¼–1½Oz 15–30Lb

Huge jewfish!

A huge Leaders Creek jewfish

Lbaker35 writes: “After obtaining a leave pass to do a night trip my mate and I headed out in his very flash ‘new to him’ boat to Leaders Creek with the intention of trying to get out to Cape Hotham. That wasn’t to be as the mouth of Leaders on Saturday afternoon had a fair swell coming through so we moved back up to just upstream of the small creek entrance, dropped anchor and had a beer (what else?).”

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Manton Dam barramundi

Bullet with a barramundi from Manton Dam

Bullet likes fishing Manton Dam. He writes: “I hit Manton Dam for the first time this year recently. My old man was up from down south so bought him along to let him wrestle with a few NT impoundment baz. Things looked grim on the drive out as we drove through a heavy shower and we had to wait 20mins at the ramp for the rain to stop before launching.”

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