Million Dollar Fish 2018

The NT's famous Daly River will be one of the locations where $10,000 MDF barra will be released in 2018

The NT’s famous Daly River is one of the locations where $10,000 MDF barra will be released in 2018

Who said 13 was an unlucky number!

That’s how many $10,000 tagged barramundi were caught in the NT’s annual Million Dollar Fish Season 3, during the open fishing period from October 2017 to February 2018.

Darwin fisho John Rorvik landed his 58cm red-tagged barra landbased fishing off rocks near the Deckchair Cinema.

With the all-important verification photos and emails sent, John gave the fish to a friend to eat.

Million Dollar Fish is a tourism initiative to lure visitors to the Territory during the wet season.

In Season 3 of the MDF competition, 101 barramundi were tagged and released across the Territory with 100 carrying $10,000 cash prize tags, and a $1m fish.

That means there were still 87 x $10,000 barras lurking when the season ended, minus whatever fish fell to natural attrition.

Other prizes in Season 3 included a $14,000 Cobourg Fishing Safari Holiday package with flights, transfers and accommodation, and two $1000 BCF gift cards drawn.

MDF Season 1 saw 10 of the tagged barramundi worth $10,000 each caught.

MDF Season 2 saw 8 x $10,000 barra.

MDF Season 3 saw 13.

Season 4 kicks off in October. How many will be caught?

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