Amputee hurls an E Z Throw Cast Net

How to throw a cast net ... the E Z Throw Cast Net in action

Here’s a picture of an amputee in Queensland who uses an E Z Throw Cast Net. Click on the image to see the series of photos. This fellow has one arm and one leg, and uses a wheelchair, but is still mad keen on fishing, a bit of a legend I reckon. Unfortunately I do not know his name, but I believe he is from Mackay.

The photo illustrates how simple the E Z Throw nets are to use. He is using either an 8′ or 9′ diameter net, which are the easiest sizes to cast.

For more information or a video on these great nets go here.

Zulks hits Saltwater Arm

Zulks doing some Wilshire Creek barramundi fishing

FFF’s Zulks hit Saltwater Arm. He writes: “Headed out to fish round the Wilshire Creeks on Saturday – launched at a very lazy 10am. We started at #3 on the top of the tide flicking small creek mouths/gutters had some luck straight up and landed a 55cm, then I proceeded to drop three fish in a row all easily over the 70cm mark and all dropped on the first jump, dissapointment was an understatment. This all happened over an hour and at the same creek mouth before they shut down, moved on after this and drifted out with the tide casting to snags and eddies for zilch.”

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Maxpower’s Shoal Bay barramundi

Maxpower's Shoal Bay barramundi

Maxpower writes: “Well this year I decided I was going spend some more time getting to know Shoal Bay, after a couple of decent trips in the past. Once the build-up kicked in and all the visitors dried up, it was time to put some hours on the new engine. First trip over was a few weeks ago when I put up a post for a nice 72cm barra caught flicking a drain on neap tides up a creek pretty close to King Creek.”

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60 barra in a day

One of Shep's Elcho Island barramundi

Sheps writes: “I had the day off work so I decided to go for a fish (which is pretty much what i do when i am not working). I wasn’t
really all that motivated so I didn’t get my boat in the water until 8am. For a change i didn’t get my tow car bogged so the day was looking good.”

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