Barramundi Fishing Reels

By MATT FLYNN of North Australian FISH FINDER TM


A small overhead casting reel (below) is the most popular design for barramundi fishing. Though small, these reels are powerful, and allow easy thumb control of the spool when casting.

They are usually used to cast lures, but are termed "baitcasters".

Baitcasters are ideal for trolling and good for casting with medium to heavyweight lures and baits.

Threadline or spinning reels are becoming more popular with those who throw very small, light lures for barramundi, because it is difficult to cast a light lure with an overhead reel, especially into the wind.

Lightweight, neutral buoyancy lures are usually used on estuary flats or in billabongs with spinning reels.

It is perhaps best one rod and reel for each style of barramundi fishing.

Buy the best reels you can afford, because the barramundi will test them. Buy only saltwater grade reels.

Have reels serviced often for a more enjoyable fishing experience, and longer reel life.

The best reel brands are well known – ABU, Shimano and Daiwa.