NT barramundi fishing spots

A barramundi fishing spot near Darwin, from the North Australian FISH FINDER book

A barramundi fishing spot near Darwin, from the North Australian FISH FINDER book

Ten of the NT’s $10,000 tagged barra have been caught, out of 101 fish, since Million Dollar Fish Season 3 kicked off in October 2017.

That’s 10 tags taken in a little over a month! A superb recapture rate.

The fish have come from far and wide, including landbased captures, but mostly from the NT’s best-known barramundi fishing spots, such as the Daly River, Mary River and Darwin Harbour.

Well-known local fishos have caught some of the fish, showing that a little knowledge goes a long way. You have to know the spots, and when to fish them.

There’s still up to 91 fish out there, including the $1m fish itself.

Where to find them? More of that in a second.

What is less well known about the Territory’s annual Million Dollar Fish promotion is that there are many prizes other than cash for the red tags, such as the superb Cam Outlander quad bike below.

Just register for the event and follow any instructions for a chance to win. MDF runs until the end of February.

It’s all here … http://www.milliondollarfish.com.au/

And the best barramundi fishing spots in the NT are in the FISH FINDER TM book here … http://www.fishfinderbooks.com

A Cam Outlander ... one of the prizes in the NT's Million Dollar Fish Season 3

A Cam Outlander … one of the prizes in the NT’s Million Dollar Fish Season 3

Million Dollar Fish Season 3 starts October

Million Dollar Fish Season 3

Million Dollar Fish Season 3

The NT’s Million Dollar Fish Season 3 starts October 1 … 100 x $10,000 tagged barra, and $1 million dollar fish!

The fish are released in waterways across the NT.

All the best barramundi spots are in the 2017/18 North Australian FISH FINDER … http://www.fishfinderbooks.com … along with our famous NT Fishing GPS Data Card.

Join the local (NT) discussion here … https://fishingterritory.com/barra-and-estuary-fishing-trip-reports-f1/million-dollar-fish-2017-starts-october-1-t40554.html

Good luck!

Kakadu Klash 2017 shows run-off is a cracker

A cracker NT run-off barramundi caught by 'Theodosius' and posted on the www.fishingterritory.com forums

A cracker NT run-off barramundi caught by ‘Theodosius’, and posted on the www.fishingterritory.com forums

If you don’t already know, the Top End has had a cracker wet season after four dismal years.

Here’s a quote from BOM:

Darwin’s wet season stays wet – The wet season rainfall total to the end of March at Darwin Airport was 2299.6 mm, the 6th-highest wet season total at the site since records began in 1941. The official wet season continues until the end of April.

A big Wet brings barramundi into the rivers in droves, and they will likely be biting right through the dry season.

With Million Dollar Fish likely to be held again this year, and an El Nino mooted for next year, there has never been a better time to hit the Top End for some trophy barramundi fishing.

If you are heading north, be sure to grab the 2017/18 edition of North Australian FISH FINDER fishing maps and the NT GPS Data Card … both these products will save you a fortune in wasted time. They are both compiled by Sunday Territorian fishing editor Matt Flynn, who has 20+ years of NT fishing knowledge, and regularly interviews the NT’s best known and most successful fishermen.

For those of you who need hard data to get the barra mojo moving, here are the results from the Kakadu Klash 2017 on the South Alligator River.

Kakadu Klash 2017 results

Kakadu Klash 2017 results

Get the Barra Bible … and more

Barramundi Fishing Pack

Barramundi Fishing Pack

Along with a potential record wet season for the Top End, the best since 2011, the year 2017 has brought us the latest edition of the great North Australian FISH FINDER book. This book started in the NT and is still the undisputed Barra Bible for fishing remote northern Australia, especially around Darwin.

It is a must if you are chasing the Territory’s Million Dollar Fish, which was 100 x $10,000 tagged barra in 2017/18. This great promo is likely to run again in 2018/19.

As well as revealing where the best reefs, rockbars, wrecks and ramps are, this huge book of fishing maps and data gives readers chances to win Lowrance HDS9 units, Berkley portable outboards, and more.

Get a copy at www.fishfinderbooks.com if you want to take advantage of the various barra pack deals, or grab a copy at your local newsagent or tackle store.

Six of the 101 Million Dollar Fish caught in three weeks …

Million Dollar Fish

Million Dollar Fish

Kurt Baumann with just  one of his $10k Million Dollar Fish!

Kurt Baumann with just one of his $10k Million Dollar Fish!

There’s been some amazing things happening in Season 2 of Million Dollar Fish.

The event kicked off on October 1 and already there have been SIX of the $10,000 fish caught!

The event closes at the end of February 2017.

The most recent barramundi was a 77cm barra caught at the Daly River on Sunday October 16 by Nikita Jason from the Daly River.

Ms Jason’s partner Kurt Baumann is a previous winner who caught a $10,000 barra earlier this month in the family’s favourite spot, as well as a $10,000 barra in Season 1.

“I was overwhelmed when I saw the tag, I just couldn’t believe it,” Ms Jason told Tourism NT.

“I don’t go fishing regularly, but my partner Kurt fishes for our family every day.

“We were at our usual spot at Daly River crossing and we caught five barra on Sunday night. I use a black and white rubber lure and Kurt uses a special flick technique.”

When asked what her lucky charm was, Ms Jason said it was her children.

CrownBet CEO Matt Tripp said the regular return of Million Dollar Fish red tags was no surprise.

“How can we be surprised? It seems along with the best fishing locations in Australia the Northern Territory also has the best recreational anglers,” he said.

“Well done to Nikita, it looks like the Daly River is the place to be chasing red tagged Barramundi, given it’s the third to be caught in that location this year.”

In Season 2 of Million Dollar Fish, 101 barramundi were tagged and released across the Territory with 100 carrying $10,000 cash prize tags.

Don’t despair if you haven’t caught one as there are still 94 $10,000 barra out there and the prized million dollar fish is yet to be caught.

And you have until February 28, 2017.

Participants must register online at www.milliondollarfish.com.au.

Million Dollar Fish Season 2 – 100 x $10,000 barra to be caught

The Northern Territory will be the place to fish from October this year (2016), with possibly the world’s largest fish lottery kicking off for a second season.
Season 1 of Million Dollar Fish saw 10 of 75 tagged barramundi caught.
The high recapture rate proved the cynics wrong … the fish did not just disappear after being tagged.
One bloke even caught two of the tagged fish, worth $20,000!
There were 74 fish worth $10,000 and a 75th was worth $1 million.
Fortunately, barramundi are a tough fish that survive tag and release well.
More to the point … will fishermen survive the heat from October!
Morning and afternoon fishing will be the name of the game.
Season 2 will see 100 of the tagged fish available for capture, 25 more than Season 1.
The fish are released right across the Top End.
Good recaptures rates were reported in Darwin Harbour, but fishos will also have a good chance at the Daly River, Corroboree Billabong, Roper River and Bynoe Harbour, among other places.
How do you win?
Just get the best northern info, and fish hard.
The info is in the North Australian FISH FINDER maps and GPS data book, now in its 11th edition.
Grab a copy at www.fishfinderbooks.com

How to win Million Dollar Fish

How to win Million Dollar Fish