Bumper fishing from Cyclone Carlos

The Adelaide River floodplain after Cyclone Carlos.
Picture taken during a Helifish charter

Cyclone Carlos has sent the NT’s Daly and Adelaide Rivers to major flood levels, which bodes well for barramundi run-off fishing in 2011.

It may be a record fishing year for these two rivers.

Cyclone Carlos dumped more rain on Darwin in 24 hours than Cyclone Yasi inflicted on any Queensland town.

Darwin recorded a total of 339.6mm in one day, a record.

The slow movement of Category 1 Cyclone Carlos made an impact on Darwin, in terms of flooding and wind damage.

The highest rainfall during Cyclone Yasi was only 159.6mm.

Cyclone Carlos levelled many trees in Darwin, mainly the big old African mahogany trees that have shallow root systems.

Kakadu rivers are also filled, adding to the overall fishing optimism for 2011.

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