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Four of the NT’s $10,000 barra caught

The Northern Territory great Million Dollar Fish promotion saw 75 tagged barra worth $10,000 each, and a 76th fish worth $1 million, released into various Top End waters to promote tourism.

If you though this promotion was a bit of a croc and none of the fish would be caught, you were wrong!

The Million Dollar Fish comp started only in October, and four of the $10k barramundi have already been caught.

Read the story about the fourth fish, taken from Corroboree Billabong here.

There’s never been a better time to fish the Top End, with the Million Dollar Fish event running until the end of February 2016. The fish have been released across the NT, so you have a chance to catch one no matter where you fish.

Grab your copy of the northern fishing bible North Australian FISH FINDER today and start planning, or make is simple and just book a trip with a professional barramundi guide.


75 barra each with a $10,000 prize tag

We interrupt our total lack of 2015 posts with a hugely important update … Tourism NT has launched a promotion where 75 tagged barramundi worth $10,000 each will be released into Territory waterways.

A 76th barra with $1m on its head will also be released, with fishing for the prize fish allowed between October 2015 and February 2016.

Now this is the best reason there is ever likely to be for taking the boat north, or flying up and booking a guided trip. Grab a North Australian FISH FINDER book today and start planning.

The $10,000 tagged ‘silver nuggets’ will be released across the NT, and the book has those spots covered with rockbar maps etc.

Get more info about the NT’s Million Dollar Fish promotion here. You must register to enter fish.

Good luck!

And by the way, the lack of posts here is because we spend most of our time these days at

Barra Nationals 2014 results


It’s all about the tides.

That was the lesson from the Club Marine Barra Nationals 2014 on the Daly River.

During the pre-fish and the first two days of the event when the tides were at their biggest, the metre-plus barra were hunting mullet and those trolling the middle of the river were catching them.

Kane Dysart, who landed a stunning 118cm fish during the Nationals, said he caught three metre-long barra during the event’s pre-fish. Champion fisho Shane Compain had predicted that the Nationals would be won in the first two days, and he was right.

As the tides diminished to neaps later in the event, the barra caught were smaller and the bite was primarily in the morning. It will be interesting to see if organisers run the event on bigger tides in future.

The upcoming Barra Classic on the Daly will be held on building tides, so the big fish will likely show towards the end of the event.

Those fishing outside the Barra Nationals official hours found smaller barra were ravenous at night, an indication yet again that having many boats on the water during the day does put the fish down to some extent.

The question is, does the big tide rule extended to all big NT rivers? Some Top End rivers are quite different in habitat from the Daly.

The comp showed that there’s a good stock of fish in the Daly River this year, albeit not as many fish as the big flood years experienced in the Top End recently.

Fishos remember those years fondly, but they are not the norm. When the wet season rain starts in late November and doesn’t stop until April, the river barramundi fishing goes ballistic, often lasting all year, but more often than not the rainfall is not quite so co-operative and the fishing quality is average.

Average in the NT of course generally means very good fishing, and there’s always the bluewater fishing to fall back on – barra tend to distract from the NT’s excellent coastal sportfishing opportunities.

Barra Nationals 2014 results can be seen on this thread on the FFF fishing forums.





Christmas gift for baby barra fishos


It has been a poor year for barramundi fishing thanks to last year’s terrible wet season, and that’s partly why there hasn’t been many posts from us on this site this year. The northern bluewater fishing has taken up the slack, with loads of spanish mackerel, as well as the usual trevally, queenfish, and reef fish.

However, another wet season is upon us and it has started well, with heavy rain as early as November. Visit for the latest barramundi fishing reports from fishos.

Meanwhile, if you are friends with a fishing family and they have had a new arrival, here’s something different for Christmas, “livebait shirts” …

We’ll be getting back to fishing posts soon as the North Australian wet season 2013/14 kicks off. Meanwhile, perhaps grab a copy of our latest mag, it has an 8-page Darwin Harbour fishing map, among other things …

North Australian Fishing and Outdoors Magazine

North Australian Fishing and Outdoors Magazine

Corroboree Billabong barramundi fishing

Lesley Mason from Sydney with a nice Corroboree Billabong barra, caught with Obsession Fishing Safaris

Lesley Mason from Sydney with a nice Corroboree Billabong barra, caught with Obsession Fishing Safaris

All fishos should visit Corroboree Billabong, a waterhole on the NT’s Mary River, at least once.

It is a beautiful and a prolific barramundi fishing spot, renowned for its wildlife, including big crocodiles.

Every year the fishing quality is quite different, depending on how big the wet season was.

This year there wasn’t a big flood, and saratoga and tarpon have been the main catch around the lilies.

There are plenty of smaller barramundi about, and the odd big fish to keep life interesting, such as this one, Lesley Mason from Sydney with a nice Corroboree Billabong barra, caught with Obsession Fishing Safaris.

Obsession’s Justin said: “We have been getting a lot more barra on the cast this year than the troll.

“With the late Wet, the lillies did not get a good flushing so there are a lot of old stems standing which fouls lures on the troll.

“So a change of game plan has done the job and casting weedless soft plastics to the weed beds and amongst the lily stems is the way to go, we are also catching a lot of ‘togas this year also.

“So away with the baitcasters and in with the spin sticks and the old faithful electric.

“We have been using one of Daiwa’s new mid-range spin rods the Swamp Donkey. which is a great all rounder.”

Other NT waterholes such as 2-Mile and 4-Mile Holes on the Wildman RIver, have produced the same quality of fishing this year.

Corroboree Billabong is a good place to fish weedless surface lures and flies. Nearby Hardies Lagoon and the Rockhole are also great spots. All are accessible off shirt dirt road sections from the sealed Arnhem Highway.

It’s election time in the NT

It is election time in the NT, and fishing policy is always keenly watched.

Discussion has started on the forums about the NT CLP fishing policy pre-election release, which includes a promise to buyback a significant barra net licence and close Chambers and Finke bays to nets … read it here.

However, the following poll shows that NT fishermen are split on whether they will be voting on fishing policy, or something else … click here.

The Labor fishing policy release is here.

And here’s the latest barramundi in The Metre Club.

The latest Metre Club entry on the FFF forums

The latest Metre Club entry on the FFF forums