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NT Barra Classic 2014 final results

The Daly River was in good condition for the event at the end of May, but carrying only average fish stocks after an average wet season.

The bumper year of 2010/11, when Daly catch records fell, was still on everyone’s minds.

Fishing was fairly slow, but some big barramundi were caught by Classic competitiors.

Just like the NT Barra Nationals earlier in the month, most of the big fish were caught on the bigger tides. During the neapest tides fishing was very slow.

Catch stats were interesting: there were 116 fish from 40-49cm, 224 from 50-59cm, 92 from 60-69cm, 11 from 70-79cm, five from 80-89cm, three from 90-99cm, and 14 at a metre or more.

This data and that from the Barra Nationals earlier in the month suggest the 80cm to 100cm class seems to be almost missing from the river. It is not unusual for year classes to vary in numbers, presumably because of seasonal events that affect young fish survival, and perhaps older fish mortality in billabongs some years.

Most Meritorious Fish: Josh Ker 120cm barra (pictured below).

There were 462 fish caught and tagged over the week of the competition.

Champion Team: Reel Easy – Skev Politis, Eddie Carroll, Neil Mellon
Runner Up Local Team: Top End Tackle World – Shane and Steve Compain, Terry Ryan
Runner Up Visiting Team: Fire Fin (WA) – Jay Wheelock, Damien Bode, Adam Falkenberg
Runner Up Mixed Team: Bigfish – Josh Ker, Tom McCullough, Richard Todd

Champion Angler: Steve Compain
Champion Lady Angler: Marion Washington


NT Barra Nationals 2014

It has been a reasonably good run-off this year on most Top End rivers. Although by no means close to some of the record rain years in the recent past, there was enough rain to keep the rivers up for long enough, and as I write this the popular greenwater season of trolling for barramundi is well under way.
One river was exceptional – the mighty Victoria River, which had extended rain, and turned on the best barra fishing it had for a long time.
The famous NT Barra Nationals event kicks off this week on the Daly River. The previous set of big tides saw the Daly produce barra up to a stunning 133cm, including a 126cm stonker from the bank. What will happen next week with the Barra Nats boats on the water?
It is impossible to say, but I suspect the big fish might come on again.
The Daly fished well this year, although delayed access to the public ramp slowed everyone right down.
While the Top End wet season was not as good as hoped, it was enough to get barra into most rivers and the fish are now there to be caught.
The Top End’s Shady Camp produced some great barra in March and April, and monster threadfin salmon are now a regular part of the catch along the coast out of Shady Camp since the gill nets were removed.
The Barra Nationals results will be posted as they come in at

Darwin rain in late May …

Darwin radar May 23, 10.36pm

Darwin radar May 23, 10.36pm

You don’t usually see this sort of rain over Darwin in April, let alone the end of May.
Don’t get too excited, the run-off is done and dusted.
Everyone wants a dry season now, a nice cool one.
It turned out to be one of the Top End’s driest Wets on record.
Only a late, short flood saved it from being a complete “train wreck”.
But as always, the fish are still biting.

Not much of a wet season, but …

Ian Rees with his 107cm Daly River barra

Ian Rees with his 107cm Daly River barra

You can still catch great barra in the Territory when the Wet is kinda dry. Craig’s Fishing Warehouse says: “With The Daly all over the shop, timing is the key. Those that timed it right during the last phase of ‘the drop’ may not have found numbers, but they did find big fish. Barra from 102cm to 122cm were caught … more than enough to re-ignite the enthusiasm. Rob Rees from Craig’s Fishing Warehouse put his brother Ian (pictured) on the spot for a ripper 107cm fish, the first metery to Ian’s credit. I see the river is back up around 8m. That can only be good … let’s hope it can stay that way for a while.”

Big barramundi in the build-up

Check out this video from the Roper River, taken during a wild fishing session with Tackle World’s Shane Compain. This happened well before the wet season rains started … click here to view.

A metre-plus barramundi jumps during a wild Roper River fishing session

A snippet from the video ... a huge barramundi jumps during the wild Roper River fishing session

Australia’s craziest barramundi fisherman

Darwin-to-PNG solo adventurer Craig 'Crackers' Hand in the Gulf of Carpentaria

Darwin-to-PNG solo adventurer Craig 'Crackers' Hand in the Gulf of Carpentaria

If you haven’t been following the adventure’s of Crag ‘Cracker’s Hand, now is the time to start. He is travelling from Darwin to PNG via the Gulf of Carpentaria in a 15ft half-cabin boat. And it’s not a new one either!
This is his THIRD such trip. He takes goods to a tribe in PNG and catches fish and meets new people along the way.
Not to mention a diet of mud crabs, crays and barra.
It’s not always easy, he has just spent several days on a mudflat, then his motor broke down.
Read it all here …