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Saltwater intrusion and barramundi fishing

The NT's The Chambers Bay coast ... saltwater intrusion has already changed huge areas of freshwater wetlands for several kilometres inland

The Chambers Bay coast … saltwater intrusion has changed huge areas of freshwater wetland

Rising sea levels and saltwater intrusion into Territory wetlands is an important issue for barramundi fishing because it changes the landscape of famous fishing areas.

The change has been happening quite quickly. Perhaps the best known area for change is the Mary River system around Sampan and Tommycut Creeks.

The attached document (link below) illustrates how things have changed.

With the sea level rising faster than ever, the map will look very different again in 100 years, with famous freshwater holes like Corroboree likely to be inundated by seawater to become tidal waterways.

Take a few minutes to read the document to see what has happened at Kakadu and other NT waterways in the past 100 years. Even the past 50 years have seen significant change.

Saltwater intrusion document