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Shoal Bay barramundi

Ibbsy with a Shoal Bay barramundi

You don’t have to go far from Darwin for good barramundi fishing … ‘Ibbsy’ found some good fish at Shoal Bay when most fishos are heading out to all the flooded rivers. Read more here.

How keen is this guy …

Crossing the flooded Arnhem Highway, NT

“Doors Off” snapped this barramundi fisho from his chopper. If you are super keen, this is the sort of work your car and trailer will be doing during the northern wet season … see more here.

South Alligator River barramundi …

A ripper fish from the South Alligator River. Matt W Picture

FFF forum user “Matt W” had a good day’s barramundi fishing on the South Alligator River, but says the best is yet to come … click here for more.