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The new Halco Hamma barramundi fishing lure

Halco Hamma barramundi fishing lure

Halco has released a new lure that is ideal for barramundi fishing.
The Halco Hamma is a clear-bodied, suspending casting lure supplied with two, easily interchangeable bibs.
The bibs give running depths of 1m and 3m respectively.
It is built to give maximum flexibility in one easy to fish package.
Halco says the Hamma was designed from the ground up to tackle black bass, mangrove jack, tigerfish and tarpon.
It features a realistic baitfish profile, with a specially designed weight
It has a transfer system for great casting ability and super sharp, extra strong Mustad trebles for maximum holding potential, plus heavy duty fish rings.
In the water the Hamma’s deeper bib has an enticing, tight swimming action with a subtle phase shift mid-cycle that can be used to mimic a wounded bait fish.
The shallow bib however is purpose built for highly erratic twitch retrieves and suspends during the pause for maximum hook up potential on territorial, aggressive species.
The detailed scale pattern and holographic finish are all internal of the lure for optimal durability and the ultra smooth outer surface ensure toothy critters can’t get a
decent hold on the lure helping the hook set on the strike.
The lure weighs 28g, is 123mm long and will be available in seven new colours.

Millsy hits the goldies

Millsy with a great golden snapper, or fingermark

Millsy writes: “After my recent trip out chasing goldies off shore from Darwin I asked myself: “Am I ever going to see a goldy bite as good as this again ever in my life?”

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A great haul of reds

Lincoln and Lee with mega reds

CorroboreeBandit writes: “Headed out wide of Darwin Monday arvo in my brother’s boat with Lincoln and Bigglen. Arrived at the fishing grounds around sunset. We had all rigged up on the way out in anticipation of the first drop. Sea Reaper pulled up on the first mark and said he was checking the drift. I dropped down, as soon as the bait hit the bottom I was onto a double header of red emperor.”

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A croaker - related to the black jewfish

Craig Ibbs writes: “Myself and Sean Ferme gave the Adelaide River a crack today. started off good with a nice little 58 cm Barra on the second troll so into the esky for dinner …”

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Shoal Bay barramundi fishing

Prime Shoal Bay barramundi

Maxpower writes: “Well after a long dry season/build up for me I finally got out for a decent crack at a barra. Ive found it tough on the billabongs this year in June/July so its all saltwater for me now I think …”

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It’s not just barramundi fishing in the NT

Pecheur with his landbased milkfish

Pecheur writes: “With a few unsuccessful trips in a row it was time to get a few fish…
So Sheeby proposed to Sarrge and myself to have a go at the Cullen Bay Milkfish…
We said yes and we did not regret it!”

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